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333 km

Deniz Duru a Turkish interior architect and designer has founded the design studio 333km in İstanbul-Karaköy in 2011. Aesthetics and functionality are of primary importance.


Abdulla Bazaar at the Avenue of the carpet shop consists of two separate reciprocal. Both are not too great but you really surprised when you enter into the spaces.

Atölye 11

Atolye 11 ıs a desıgn consultancy fırm offerıng home, retaıl, offıce decoratıon and ındustrıal desıgn projects and ımplementatıon as well as caterıng for the ındıvıdual needs of clıents through a research and technıcal knowledge-based perspectıve, and a creatıve and perfectıonıst approach, resultıng ın successful desıgn solutıons. The projects, whıch are led by Burcu & Levent Cıpıloglu, are carrıed out by an experıenced and professıonal team, utılızıng aesthetıcs and usabılıty, and offerıng pleasant and functıonal product solutıons and spaces.

Autoban Gallery

Autoban is an Istanbul based design studio, developing architectural and interior projects along with productdesigns that engage issues of creativity and knowledge, realism and imagination, function and culture.


Dervish specializes in handcrafted products from textiles, to soaps, to accessories. It offers products all over Turkey that have been hand made by Artians living in villages.


With three generations of Turkish rug experience in his family, Memet Gureli started his own rug company in 1989. Ethnicon kilims are made with contemporary home in mind. There is such a range of colours and shapes that they can perfectly complement every room.


Ela Cindoruk & Nazan Pak design contemporary jewelry together since 1989. Their design " Five in One" is Red Dot award honourable mention 2012 winner.

Gönül Paksoy

Gönül Paksoy emphasized that garments worn by Sufi dervishes were her starting point, and that she gradually developed a style of her own, reaching a synthesis.


When we started to work together at the begining of 2009, we hadn't fully understood how much passion and desire we shared. We discovered it day by, hour by hour. Passion seemed to be the essence of our profession for us. Furniture was one of our greatest passions as well, and we feel mutual excitement making people happy who are trying tı create a brand. There are a ot of thins that define Ham:m.


Haremlique specializes in the production of high quality linen products to cater the needs of public and private residencies all over the world. The company’s defining concept springs from the modern city of Istanbul where it is based, but takes inspiration in the elegance of the themes used in Ottoman designs.

Hiç Contemporary Crafts

With a contemporary ethnic feel, Hiç Contemporary Crafts is separated into two stores that share the same aesthetic value while offering furniture in one and smaller accessories in the other.

İKSV Gift Shop

İKSV Tasarım Mağazası, Abidin Dino, Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, Mustafa Pilevneli, Aliye Berger, Tan Oral, Kezban Arca Batıbeki ve Devrim Erbil gibi Türkiye'nin önde gelen sanatçılarının eserlerini tasarımla buluşturan uygulamaların yanı sıra zengin koleksiyonuyla hem uluslararası tasarım ödüllü hem de genç nesil tasarımcıların ürünlerini bir arada sergiliyor.

Janset Bilgin Design

Janset's spirited passion for life that pours into everything she does is fueled by the strong desire to live each moment as fully and freely as possible. Her deep compassion and curiosity for the city she loves has made her more adventurous every day. "Another day, another reason to find something to be excited about life.", she says.


Kağıthane (House of Paper) is a small design shop that has an innovative mix of items from notebooks and postcards to folding fans and bags—all with a humorous edge.

Selda Okutan

Making Jewellery is passion for Selda Okutan and she call her designs, sculptural jewel with tiny figures.

Sevan Bıçakçı

Sevan Biçakci's journey in the world of jewelry started when he was only 12 at his master Hovsep Catak's workshop. His first independent collection came out in 2002, inspired by the Grand Bazaar and Sultanahmet area in Istanbul, where he gets most of his inspiration from.

Takıl Pera

Takıl Pera is a unique jewelry and gift shop located in Pera, İstanbul. The owner, Saadet Keskin has been designing and selling jewelry and gift items for over thirty years. Her shop hosts items from many fine Turkish designers in addition to her own.

Yastık By Rıfat Özbek

Yastik, which means cushion in Turkish, was born in 2005 from the collaboration between Rifat Ozbek and Erdal Karaman. The inspiration behind Yastik is the desire to spoil with choice for this ultimate interior accessory.